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Located In Summerdale, Alabama
Harms Turf
Call to place an order:
TEL (251) 747-4235
We Don't Strive to be the Biggest,
Only the Best!
If you need just a few pieces
of sod to patch bare spots or
enough to do your whole
yard, we've got you covered!
Your sod will be freshly cut
to order, excellent quality
and probably more
reasonably priced than your
'home improvement' stores!
Give us a call today!
Environmentally Friendly?

Sod cools and cleans the
atmosphere by reflecting the
sun's heat and absorbing
noises, carbon dioxide and
other harmful pollutants.  It
releases valuable oxygen
and moisture into the air we
breathe.  As it grows, sod
silently contributes to a
healthier environment!
Current Prices per Pallet
Effective as of April 15, 2011

St Augustine - $
Centipede - $
(Pallet Included in Price)
Due to the rising cost of fuel and fertilizer, our
production cost has risen.

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